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Thursday, December 22, 2011


As we approach 2012, another new year, another tick on the clock of our age, and a step closer to our ultimate demise, let us consider what I want to call Transformations.  This is on the optimistic point of view that the Earth will not be destroyed and mankind will continue puttering around after our own self interests throughout and beyond the year 2012.  There is a large group that believes next year is the end of the Mayan long count and that spells disaster for us.  From my limited knowledge and reading I believe the mainstream Medias math is wrong and the actual end of the Mayan long count will be December 2039, but that is another book and for another post!
Transformations   To Transform ourselves!  Into what you ask?  That is for you to solve.
Let me explain.  Before 2010 I thought I knew what I was doing, where I was going, and I had plans.  Then I started writing!  That was my Transformation!
I am not saying writing will be yours.  It could be anything!  Your goal is to find the thing you were meant to do.  You need to find your inner passion for one thing that will transform your life.  Oprah's was talking to people about difficult subjects.  Mine is writing.  Honestly before I started writing I had no idea what my true passion was or how it would change my life.
I have a renewed vitality!  Before I started writing I would be in bed every night by 10:30 to 11:30 every night I had to work.  I thought I worked hard.  I thought I was driving towards my goals.  I get up at 6:00 to 6:30 every morning and goto to work Monday through Friday and every other Saturday for half a day, at my day job.  I get off work and go home and eat dinner and play with my boys, and try and spend some quality time with them.  They go down for bed between 7:30 – 8:00 most nights.  Then I start my second job.  Writing and all the wonderful aspects that it entails.  I have been routinely staying up until 12:30 – 1:00 every night for most of 2011.
I noticed the other day that I seem to be in better shape than I was a year ago.  I had somebody ask me the other day if I had lost some weight.  (I haven't, just in better shape.)  I just had the best year ever from my day job, and I have published two books in 2011.  I have had a tremendous year!  The biggest difference is I have been transformed.  I am happier, self-motivated in all areas of my life to get me back to the next moment I can write.
I started 2011 with the idea in mind of self publishing my first book.  I had many obstacles to overcome.  I didn't think of myself as a writer or an author.  Now with two books published, having actually signed numerous copies of each book in paperback, and having received multiple royalty payments from my book sales, I AM AN AUTHOR!
My point here is not to gloat.  My point is to find something you absolutely love to do and then do it.  After you're doing it find a way to make money from this endeavor.  It doesn't have to be much but some monetary recognition of your work.  Your love for what you do and the enjoyment you get from doing it will pour into your work.  It will overflow into all the other areas of your life.  You will be transformed!  It will change your life in ways you cannot even fathom at this point!
So forget about New Year's Resolutions and start soul searching and looking for something you absolutely live to do.  Find out what special gift God has waiting for you.  We all have one, but everybody doesn't find it.  Make it a priority to find your place, your niche, your passion!  Then begin the process of transforming your life starting with You and what you love to do!
God Bless and Good Hunting.  One hint, if you love doing it, it should be fun to you.  Go have some fun.


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