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Friday, December 23, 2011

Shameless Self Promotion

I know many people will be receiving E-readers, Ipads, Kindles, Kindle Fires, Nooks, or possibly just a new cell phone for Christmas.  Yes, there are many apps for reading your favorite authors books on your cell phone.  My bid today is to become the newest addition to your favorite authors list!

"No Rules Of Engagement" has been getting great reviews and holds a 4.6 rating out of five on Goodreads dot com.

It is available on Amazon Barnes and Noble Smashwords and Goodreads.   
For eight year old orphan, Alexander Hawk, the question, "Is there other Intelligent life in the Universe?" has been answered with a resounding YES!

Plucked from a correctional facility for boys because of a test he never even finished, Alexander is sent to train for combat against an alien race of Alligators which is attacking another group of aliens, the Macktonics, who have allied with United States in return for advanced technology.

The United States' gathers an army of children so they will arrive at the perfect age for fighting. Alexander faces grueling training exercises as he struggles to rise to the challenge of preparing to save the placid Macktonic alien civilization from pending attack. Before his training is complete he comes face to face with the enemy. Alexander becomes student and teacher as they square off against a superior aggressor. Traveling through time portals crossing time and space to gain intelligence, and ultimately to hunt down their foe before they attack the Macktonics.

The following is an excerpt from the book.
Carlisle started the discussion.  "We are coming along well with the war ships, fighter craft, landing craft, and the assortment of weapons you have requested.  Our people are working as diligently as possible in their construction efforts.  As you know this has placed a tremendous strain on the standard of living and the supply of materials for our own people's use.  We endure the hardships to give you what you need to fight for our people.  We appreciate your training of our people so we may have an Army of our own for our continued defense once this business is concluded.  The request concerning the outlawed technology has been unanimously rejected.  It is much too dangerous.  Your other request for access to time travel technology is up for discussion.  This is the reason I have been sent here to negotiate the terms and conditions in which such technology may be used."  Carlisle bowed his head as he finished and then after a moment he raised it slowly.
Harrbinger started in hot and heavy.  "You must reconsider about the antimatter fusion weapon.  We have to have that weapon in order to succeed in the future battles we anticipate with the Gators."
Carlisle raised his hand and Harrbinger paused.  "This will not be discussed the case is closed, it was denied."
Alexander touched Harrbinger's leg under the table.  "May I, sir?"
Harrbinger motioned for him to go ahead.
"Dear Carlisle, I know your people are much more advanced technologically than my own.  We are barbaric at best and we love to fight.  We do not wish to waste our lives in fighting any more than you want your people rounded up and killed.  Have you ever seen a battle where both sides are fighting?"
"No.  I have not."  He looked surprised.
"We train to fight in simulators which by the name means they simulate real combat except you don't actually die you just get thrown figuratively out of the battle simulation if you're killed.  May I show you a recorded battle simulation from our training on this ship?"
"Oh, yes, yes, yes.  Please do!"
Alexander opened his laptop, turned the computer on, inserted the memory chip, and spun it around so Carlisle could see the screen.  Alexander played the simulation of the large enemy formation fighting theirs.  It was set to stop when it reached the statistics of those killed at the end of the battle.
Carlisle watched intently, and he jumped a couple of times when ships blew up rather spectacularly in close up.
When it stopped Alexander got up and walked around to his side of the table.  Alexander motioned to the chair next to Carlisle.  "May I sit here?"
"Yes, by all means."
"It would not take you long to figure out how many battles of this magnitude could we do with our Army of two million, one hundred thousand troops with this rate of casualties in each battle.  Keep in mind the figure of troop strength is counting your troops training with us on your home world.  When our numbers are gone or down to next to nothing they will annihilate us, you, and your people.  We have no idea of the number or strength of our enemy.  If they out number us ten or twenty to one adjust your battle casualty numbers to account for that."
Carlisle gasped at that statement.  He appeared to be getting the point loud and clear.
"Where we need your help is coming up with a suitable, legal weapon that we can discuss the development and production of that will level the odds just in case they greatly outnumber us.  It would be a tragic shame if your people went through all this work and suffering only to delay the enemy from killing you by the time it takes to fight one or two battles and then we all die.”
Alexander continued, “On Earth, in our past, we developed what we call the atomic bomb, by splitting an atom of uranium, causing a chain reaction, and just letting it rip.  It was a very noisy, dirty, and nasty weapon that made the entire area where it was used uninhabitable for anything because of the radiation fallout from the bomb.  The development of the bomb was stupid and reckless from an intelligent standpoint of rational human beings.  Yet we did develop it, tested it, and even eventually used them on human beings to stop a war."
Alexander started a video of an atomic bomb going off on earth.
"It was horrific in its destructive power and could destroy an entire city with one bomb, one blast, using one airplane.  It took actually using two of those weapons, and vaporizing two cities to stop the Second World War on our planet.  The result was many years of peace because nobody else had such a weapon to challenge us with.  The phrase that describes this peaceful phenomenon is 'Peace through superior firepower.’  We need such a weapon again only of a new magnitude."
Alexander started another battle scenario where they used nuclear weapons against the enemy's fighter formation.
"This simulation is using our atomic weapons against the same formation as in the first battle."
Alexander waited while he watched and noticed Carlisle jump back each time the screen would flash white as a nuke exploded.  "You can see the results are a little better, but we still would not last long against our enemy, not enough to substantiate your cost of preserving your lives for such a small amount of extra time.  We did run a simulation of what the illegal weapon might be capable of just for experimentation, but realize we are only guessing at what the results might be as there is nothing real that exists to test or gather accurate data from."
Alexander started the simulation and let it run where one ship came in and took out the entire formation of enemy ships with one missile.
"If such a weapon was not illegal.  If we had such a weapon as this you can easily see how we could effectively fight over two million battles before being totally eliminated and the enemy no matter what his strength at some point would have to realize the cost in life and equipment is too great for absolutely no gain.  They would be forced to agree to peace with conditions or die as a species.  I realize this weapon is illegal and not to be discussed so I will just give you the videos to take back to your people and let them come up with a suitable weapon to put the odds in our favor.  The more odds in our favor the better chance we have of developing a peaceful resolution to the problem.  We impress upon them they can't beat us.  On this chip is the simulations you just watched, and I have faith in your intelligence and will to survive that you will figure out the proper and legal method for us to attain our mutual desired goals."
Alexander paused to catch his breath, grabbed the pitcher from the table and poured himself a glass of water.  He took a drink before proceeding.  Carlisle had been silent this whole time and the expression on his face went from amazement to stunned shock.
"Shall we begin our discussion of the time travel apparatus for gathering intelligence on our enemy?"  Alexander looked around to everyone for approval and read their expressions and body language.  Harrbinger pissed, Ramone bewildered, and Carlisle looked as if Alexander had kicked him in the balls.  Then he wondered if the aliens had balls, but Carlisle’s face read total abject defeat.
"My dear Carlisle, are you alright?  You don't look to well.  Have a glass of water."  Alexander grabbed a glass and poured him a glass of water and placed it carefully in his hands.  "I apologize."
Carlisle looked at Alexander with a confused expression on his face.  "You apologize for what?"

God Bless, and Have a very Merry Christmas everybody!


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