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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Optimistic – Pessimist

I consider myself an Optimistic Pessimist!
The glass is half hull, but it is also half empty at the same time.
I try to be optimistic in all situations and keep a positive attitude even when I am failing.  I don't see the world through rose colored glasses, or think it is a beautiful place where anybody can do anything they want.  I believe in the American Dream, but never forget it is an ideal, a dream and only ever actually attained by very few.  I strive for what the Declaration of Independence called for, 'The pursuit of happiness.'  It isn't a right or guaranteed.  I believe in hard work, persistence, and never say die.
I see the world through the eyes of a realist, a wolf, a capitalist pig, the first born son of a Scottish immigrant.  I look for the evil, threats, underlying corruption, cheating, lying, and all the filth that is part of our natural humanity.  In spite of this dark view of the world, politics, and its people, I travel through the world with my eyes wide open and marvel when I see the random acts of kindness, beautiful flowers, children playing, sunrises and sunsets.
I have hope for humanity in spite of a history that screams there is no hope for us.  A history that that proves mankind will never get along in tolerance, peace, and co-exist as one species, as humans, and work for the betterment of our entire species.  Never in Earth's history has mankind gotten along, and lived in peace and tolerance with his fellow humans.
As a father of three children I have hope!  I will train them up to think on their feet, to read and learn for themselves, so they can decide what they believe and know why they believe it.  I will teach them not to follow people or governments blindly.  I will teach them to fight, in order to protect themselves and their families, and to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.
I plan for the worst case scenario at all times to the best of my ability.  I try to always remember the wonderful lessons I learned while in the military.
"Maximum Utilization of Available Resources."
It means to do the absolute best you can with what you have available.
Improvise, adapt and overcome your obstacles.
That real men don't cry, we don't want to discuss our feelings, and don't generally give a rats ass how we are dressed.  You get up and go to work and do the best you can.  Life is hard, but it beats the shit out of the alternative!  I will take a man who is trying and hasn't given up every time over the person who won't try or who just wants to give up.  If it was easy everybody would be doing it!  Working hard for things makes you appreciate them that much more.  I would rather work hard to gain something than have it handed to me on a platter.
This is no disrespect to Mr. Nicolas Sparks what so ever.
But when I make enough money from my books that I can stay home and write full time I will have so much more of an appreciation for the work it took to get there than somebody who sold his first book for a million dollars.  To make it to where I am headed working day and night, with no agent, no real publisher outside of a website which allows me to fill in the blanks and download a computer file I labored over for months.  No advertising, no promotional budget or tours, no book signings, all just doing the best I can do with what little I have and just hammering away it day after day.
Plan for the worst, if it happens you were as prepared as you could be.  If it doesn't then you were ready anyways.  Plan to succeed.  Work your plan.  Get up every day and be the best you can be, the best writer, best editor, best parent, best worker at your day or night job.  It doesn't matter if your job is sweeping a floor somewhere, mowing the grass, or taking out the trash; do the best job you can do every damn day.
Remember success is the journey, this now!  What you're doing today is your success, so enjoy it, revel in it, because this moment, this second right now is all you will ever truly have.  The only thing we can truly have, enjoy, change, affect, and realize is this moment in time.  Before this moment is the future and that is always uncertain, and the past is the past, you will never fix it or change it.  Plan and work today for better and more successful moments in your future.  Do not waste all your moments lamenting over the past or hoping for something in the future.
Enjoy your moments as they happen, enjoy your journey, your success, ENJOY YOUR WORK!
When you love what you are doing it changes everything.  In spite of this big bad mean world you can make your dreams and the dreams of others come true.  You can change your little corner of the world.  Be the person who makes everybody feel like they are the most important person that you got to speak to all day long!  Be dynamic.  Be true.  Be faithful.  Be yourself!
God Bless and have a wonderful day.


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