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Sunday, December 11, 2011

About Pricing

I offered my newest novel for .99 Cents Saturday when the Guest Blog Post came out on sLp site.  I have been putting the word out for some time about the special price for one day only.

One of four things happened.
1.  Nobody got the word.
2.  Nobody buys books for Amazon.
3.  99 Cents is too much to spend this close to Christmas.
4.  Nobody wants to buy my newest and best book.

I didn't sell a single copy of NROE Saturday!  I'm crushed.

My first book I am extremely surprised with because each month the sales are going up.  I pray those that are purchasing Whisper love it enough they give No Rules Of Engagement a try.  It is such a better book.

Whisper could be selling because maybe the word has gotten out it is actually a romance novel.
I will drop the price of No Rules Of Engagement when I publish my next novel.

Well I have to get back to writing.  Hope everybody enjoyed the Drill Sergeant Story.


J.L. Murphey said...

Patience Thomas. Remember I said five books.

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