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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Ideas 2

I hate to keep going to the same well but when the water is so cool, clean and refreshing you can't help it.  Plus, I haven't finished the book yet.
Extreme Programming stresses customer satisfaction!  Novel Concept!
It improves a software development project by focusing on communication, simplicity, and feedback.  Extreme programmers communicate with their customers constantly, keeping the program simple and clean, and start getting feedback from testing as soon as possible.  Their idea is to get the customer a working program to handle a specific need as soon as possible instead of trying to design a full all encompassing program with all the bells and whistles at some later date.  In this model they add components, bells and whistles as they go along.  Changes throughout the development process are based off of the customer's changing requirements and actual feedback from testing all along.  This allows the software to change through the developmental process.
The whole process emphasizes teamwork and communication.  Another wonderful Concept!
Once achieved the team work process can continue as the rules and priorities change to fit a company's specific changing needs.  This would be a good model for companies as well as our government!
Customers enjoy being part of the development process, and programmers and developers contribute regardless of the experience level.  The Managers focus on the communication and relationships of all parties involved.  Unproductive activities get trimmed to reduce costs and lesson frustrations of everybody involved.  WOW!  What a concept.  Could this be applied to government agencies?
One way they work to achieve this process is to put programmers working together, while one focuses on the line by line code the other one is always examining the big picture and overall direction of the project.  Slower with its initial inception but faster in overall long term development generally resulting in a much better product, with less bugs, more focused and customer friendly end product.
One other piece of mind candy was in looking at things differently.
Apparently at some point the U.S. Government developed a military war game system designed to entice players to eventually enlist in the military.  The game consisted of a virtual soldier going through a simulated boot camp and then an increasing series of military missions.  Much later one aspect of the game that caught the militaries attention was when they looked into the strategies and tactics used by the highest scoring players in the game.  The unconventional tactics that were wining the computer games was seriously looked at for ways of improving on real world field tactics in actual combat with surprising results.
Feed Your Brain!
Writers get back to work!  Aren't a lot of you doing that novel in a month thing?  Why are you surfing when you could be writing?
The rest of you . . .
Do you read during those few minutes before works starts, because you get there five minutes early?
Do you read before you go to bed?  Best time because it gives food to your mind before you turn it over to your subconscious to chew on.
Do you read during your lunch time?
Buy a book and get busy.  You only live once!  You are so lucky to live in an age where there is more things to read and more ways to read from different mediums than ever before in history.
Stop playing the mindless games and feed your brain, improve yourself, have an adventure, a romance, investigate a mystery.  If you only knew the awesome stuff you're missing out on!
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J.L. Murphey said...

Just saw the review for "No Rules of Engagement" by Albert...great review and well deserved...I told you about secondary characters.

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