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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Bronco's Jersey

Saturday morning and we are at work at the tire warehouse.  I was having a discussion with one of my warehouseman about if I was the Head Coach for the Chiefs and knew we were playing the Bronco's this Sunday.  I would make sure I knew the names of the sisters and mothers of my players and have people send them fake E-mails about doing terrible things with their sisters or insulting their mothers.  How I would secretly put a bounty on their quarter back for the defense to win if they hurt him and knocked him out of the game.
When low and behold my warehouse manager gets out of his car wearing a Bronco's Jersey.  Obviously, in this place of over flowing testosterone, and Kansas City people being almost fanatical, about our team, the Chiefs.  Alright we are fanatics!  I couldn't let this go unchallenged!
So I put the word out throughout the warehouse and drivers that I wanted somebody to bring me the Bronco's Jersey!  That no matter what happened nobody would get in trouble for jumping the warehouse manager and taking the Jersey off of him.
Now as I have alluded to in past posts, this job is a hard job, done by some very hard men.  My warehouse manager is one of the toughest and he isn't afraid of shit.  Even if he was afraid he just doesn't care.  So after putting a bounty of sorts on his jersey I told him what I had done.  After all we not only work together we happen to be great friends.  I know most people wouldn't do that kind of stuff to their friends but he knows me and should have known better than to wear a freaking Bronco's Jersey to work.
It took four or five guys to jump him and get the Jersey off but before my morning city trucks left at eight forty-five I was in possession of the offending piece of material.
I gave it back to him, after all he is my friend.  He may think twice about wearing the Jersey next time, but knowing Kenny, he would do it again.  That's part of what makes life so damn much fun.
To Kenny Kutter, Jr.  My friend, ally and co-worker.  My kind of people, in spite of his crappy wardrobe discussions.


Julie said...

Wow, if that jersey wouldn't have come home, I would have put a bounty on YOUR for the post, I needed a good laugh!!

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